Packet (2005)


    Artists: Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons
    Medium/form:Aural visual generative art

Length Sound: 37:14 linear


Length Visuals:Six generative visual works played in sequence, and looped

    Encounter:Online and Non-interactive DVD
    Display: View online and DVD
    Online elements
    Packet Grids # 1 (2005)

Packet Switching consists of generative visuals and sound, and is intended to be shown in a gallery context. The visuals are projected onto a screen, and the sound speakers are positioned some distance from the visuals. The visuals and sound are stored on DVD and not available online.

Packet Switching is a 37 minute mix of generative visuals and aural field recordings that trace a walk along the coast path in Falmouth, Cornwall. It consists of an audio field recording and six linked generative visual sections timed to the length of the walk. The work explores the idea of walking as ritual; as a withdrawal from a rule-bound to a less structured psychic state.  Still images from the generative visual work offer a sense of movement from one state to another.

The grid of still images from the generative work offer moments of visual change over the 37 minutes.